What To Look Out For When Changing A Laptop Battery

What To Look Out For When Changing A Laptop Battery

A laptop battery is a lifesaver, especially for working individuals. You may need to work somewhere with no power outlet, and the charged laptop comes in handy. Some batteries hold more power than others as their capacity varies. Also, the period in which you've had the computer influences your battery power. The more you charge it, the fewer cycles remain. You'll need to replace the battery with a better one at some point, no matter the model. For example, Asus laptops are great, but a reduced charge cycle forces you to change the Asus battery (changer batterie asus). We discuss tips to look out for when changing a laptop battery.

Tips for replacing the battery in your laptop

Many factors lead to you buying a new battery. Their availability saves you from buying a whole laptop; however, you have to choose right. Here's how;

1. Confirm the compatibility of the laptop battery

Most batteries are model-specific. This means you need to put them in a similar laptop model. Nevertheless, very few function in different models but ts not advisable to use them in that manner. To confirm compatibility, identify the model of the laptop or check the paperwork given to you by the seller. Once settled, choose the ideal size for your computer such that the compartment is completely sealed.

2. Know the capacity of the laptop battery

High-capacity batteries have more power than low capacity. Your laptop's purpose should dictate your battery capacity. If you handle heavy workloads days on end, then a high-capacity battery is the most suitable. Light or simple workloads can do well with a low-capacity battery. Alternatively, you may go for a power battery just because that's what you prefer, and it's ok. Choose what you desire but, most importantly, factor in your daily workload.

3. Check the battery's condition

Batteries vary in cost based on their condition. There are two main types of batteries for sale; new and refurbished. New ones are definitely more expensive than the others. It's best to buy a new battery if you can afford one. They come with a warranty in case of any problem; you'll be the first to use and they last long. The refurbished types were previously used, meaning problems may arise soon. Not having a warranty doesn't guarantee you an exchange or refund once you take it back to the seller. They are suitable for those on a budget, but they don't last long.

4. Specifications of the laptop battery

When replacing your battery, ensure your next pick fits the designated slot. It is best to carry the laptop to the store for exact measures. If you make an online order, carefully measure the space and select a battery that matches it. Also, don't buy a smaller battery as the laptop won't work.


Always choose a battery that's convenient for your laptop. Confirm the fit, model, working condition, and capacity before buying. If possible, go for new ones as they have more advantages than the used types. A refurbished battery isn't completely safe since you don't know its previous conditions. The ideal battery will work perfectly and save you money for repairs or total laptop replacement.