Tips to Avoid Bans After Buying FIFA Coins

Tips to Avoid Bans After Buying FIFA Coins

Purchasing FIFA coins makes your account prone to bans because coin transfers from third-party sources are not legit according to EA policies. The game offers numerous in-game challenges and activities to acquire fifa 23 coins. However, gathering coins via in-game activities is lengthy and time-consuming; therefore, most players divert to external sources for buying coins.

It is important to note that only knowing the valid buyers is not enough. You need to take specific steps to ensure that EA's security algorithm doesn't detect any external purchases, so there are no suspension issues.

Does Your Playing Device Affect the Probability of a Ban?

Although it is pretty straightforward, some users still find it confusing if their playing interface triggers or prevents bans. The security system doesn't analyze your gaming console but tracks your account's activities.

All the interfaces, including Xboxes, PlayStations, PCs, and mobiles, are equally prone to bans if the players are not careful with their third-party purchases.

Below are some tips that will help you avoid a ban regardless of your playing device.

Bans Prevention Tips

New Accounts Are Not Ideal for Coins

It is unnatural that a week-old account miraculously attains 1000k coins out of the blue. You will likely face bans if you purchase coins on new accounts.

Don't Transfer Massive Amounts

Transferring an increased number of coins in your account alerts the security system. Therefore, veteran players suggest moving only 50 to 200 K coins in 48 hours to avoid warnings and other security checks.

Spend The Coins Quickly

Saving coins bought from a third party is not an ideal practice. You must spend the coins within the next 24 hours. Else, the EZ security gets suspicious of the unmoved account balance.

Avoid Buying During Events

Most users make the mistake of buying coins during FIFA events. It is highly susceptible that your account bans because, during events, only legit players win prizes. Attaining higher coin values without winning any matches raises the red flag.

Go For Self-Delivery

FIFA also features a self-delivery option. It means you get the coins faster than traditional selling and buying. The self-delivery method helps you stay clear of warnings as the delivery is almost instant, and you can spend the coins swiftly.

Can You Play FIFA After the Ban?

Unfortunately, the ban is a permanent thing in FIFA. A banned account is not recoverable, and the user must create a new one. However, EA doesn't restrict your account directly. They first send an email warning. However, further carelessness results in a ban.

The Bottom Line

FIFA is an internationally played game, so an intelligent security system must keep things running smoothly. FIFA coins are necessary to upscale your game profile. However, if you don't purchase and transfer them right, it will lead to a ban.

The above article highlights how you can steer clear of all banning problems. It is important to note that the probability of the ban is independent of the interface. You must transfer a smaller number of coins, spend them quickly and ensure other precautions to avoid suspension, as it is non-reversible.